Feride Keskin studied the manufacture of tiles and ceramics at the Kutahaya Vocational High School and then for four years at the Kutahaya Ceramic Studio.

Returning to Gocek in 2004 Feride worked as a potter and ceramic designer, finally establishing her Atelier in 2006.

There she is able to make all types of ceramics and tiles in traditional and original designs both for interior and exterior use

Products include exclusive and individually designed pottery of all descriptions, tiles, jewellery, gifts, kitchen ware and architectural items.

Special orders are undertaken for either tiles or tableware.

Her collection may be viewed at her new showroom in Gocek.

Visitors to Gocek are invited to visit her showroom and view her collection perhaps to find a memento or an original gift.

Made With Love Her collection may be viewed at her new showroom in Gocek

Customer Reviews

In fact my house is filled with their pottery as there is always something I can’t resist when I visit. Her pottery is practical as well as decorative. Finally, there is the price point. There are other potters in Mugla and some more famous but I can tell you no one has more beautiful pottery and no one offers better prices. Atoliye Nariyan is definitely a must see stop if you are visiting Gocek. T. Karan
It’s very clear she loves her work and the customers. This was our second visit and we always buy a few pieces,
Love the place..
N. Ekin


Cast, turned on a wheel or carved, there are innumerable shapes on the pomegranate theme, from simple replicas of the fruit to large pierced candle holders which when lit provide amazing effects.

The coloured glazes too are many wonderful shades from brilliant red to the deepest purple.